1. Your complaints at DHCR *Rent Overcharge- *Lease Violation- *Apartment Status Determination- *Building & ...
1. Your complaints at DHCR

*Rent Overcharge-

*Lease Violation-

*Apartment Status Determination-

*Building & Apartment Services Complaint-


2. Landlord-proceedings served on you by DHCR

*Eviction based on Demolition-

*Eviction based on Owner Occupancy-

*Substantial Rehabilitation-

*Other Evictions-

The Consultant will assist in the following ways:

*Any needed background research-

*Advice on Records you may need to obtain-

*Interpret landlord’s argument-

*Advise you on applicable laws-

*Referral to Free Legal Aid Lawyer-

*Referral to other proper Legal Representation-

Pay for your Consultancy time as follows:

$10.99 for 60 days ---OR--- $19.99 for 90 days

* Consultancy time-rates stated here are discount-rates which will expire on 11/30/2024.

** Please read all content carefully before paying! Your payment is non-refundable.

*** MyRETAC Consultants are retired Rent Program Specialists, each with over 30 years of Rent Regulation processing experience at DHCR.

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